This infrastructure and equipment classification system is based on the taxonomy developed by the University of Leeds.

Nonetheless, specialists from all SINAI agents have optimized this taxonomy by proposing the missing terms that would describe accurately their specific inventory, building a robust and global shared classification system that will be updated in a timely manner.

Having a professional taxonomy allows us to compare similar infrastructures and equipment among different agents in Navarra, describing the scientific and technological capabilities of various disciplines within this leading Spanish region.

The classification is based on three levels that can be visually identified by a color code: a first level of class in black, within which you can find a second level of order in grey and in the latter, you can find, in light grey, a final level of genus. You can perform a search of equipment within each of the aforementioned categories.

If you want to use keywords to perform a “google” search of equipment, click here.

Equipment inventory classification

61 Process Equipment - Physical
11 Materials Characterisation
26 Sample Measurement/Analysis
2 Large Scale Instruments
53 Infrastructure
All whatever
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Equipment inventory classification
Funded by the Government of Navarra.
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