Nanosight NS300

The NanoSight NS300 utilizes Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) to characterize nanoparticles from 10nm - 1000nm* in solution. Each particle is individually but simultaneously analyzed by direct observation and measurement of diffusion events. This particle-by-particle methodology produces high-resolution results for nanoparticle size distribution and concentration, while visual validation provides users with additional confidence in their data. Both particle size and concentration are measured, while a fluorescence mode provides differentiation of intrinsic or fluorescently labelled nanoparticles.
The NanoSight NS300 can be used in many key applications, including:
- Nanomaterials: allows the determination of a size distribution profile of nanoparticles with a diameter of approximately 10-1000 nanometers (nm) in liquid suspension.
-Extracellular vesicles: allows quick and easy characterization of both the size and the concentration of vesicles in aqueous buffers
- Biotherapeutics (Protein Aggregation): Offers high-resolution size distributions of sub-visible aggregates in a formulation of biotherapeutics for safety and quality assurance.
- Virus and vaccines production: Allows the optimization of manufacturing processes by ensuring that the size distribution of the vaccine is maintained.

Manufacturer: Malvern
Model: Nanosight NS300
Location: Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Chemistry, University of Navarra