MicroPET upgrade for the microSPECT-CT system: installation of E‑Class U‑PET⁶ with large detector surface including a high resolution M7 collimator, hardware and software upgrades, positron-range-free PET, dual-isotope PET imaging and post processing software.

This upgrade has added significantly new capabilities to the current microSPECT/CT system and converted it into a trimodal (PET-SPECT-CT) preclinical imaging system. Simultaneous PET and SPECT multi-isotope imaging is available, along with dual-isotope PET, widening the number of applications and consequently the possibilities to in vivo image multiple metabolic and physiopathological properties of the animal models of interest.

SPECT/CT imaging system for translational research in small animals. The system is used for in-vivo imaging of technetium-99m, gallium-67, indium-111 and iodine-125 radiolabelled tracers, nanosystems and cells for translational research in animal models of human diseases.

Manufacturer: Milabs
Model: E-Class SPECT-CT
Location: Small Animal Translational Research Unit. Clínica Universidad de Navarra